About the Art

Dennis Clark 1/10/7 

The series displayed at this web site was begun in the year 2002.  Today, the total number or images created is 60. 

The originals for these art works began as 5"x6" images done in heavier  cardstock of various colors. The missing elements at that point were depth of color and size. Satisfactory color brightness was attained by the use of Lucite, a brand of Plexiglas that provided sheen and depth of color at the same time.  Many business signs can be viewed as art, when thought of in that way. 

The first Lucite works created were "America" and "Blue".  These are three dimensional works done in single colors.  They were created at a wall size of 30"x36". 

Purpose in the origin of all artworks was solely for the expression of color - balanced to be pleasing to the eye.  Influence would be the type of colorful, balanced works done by Calder, Miro, Picasso, Matisse, and Max - and others with dramatic work in primary colors. 

The concept of creating abstract works both balanced and colorful was a non-starter from the creativity standpoint. Consequently, the idea emerged to create abstract, representational "scenes" based on mirthful depiction of friends e.g., Murphy's Last Dive and Dale's Last Fight -- or based upon memory pictures embellished for color such as Buffalo Night or "High School Hero".  A third conceptual starting point was to capture and depict seminal moments with dramatic color such as "The Discipline Machine" or "Ask Moscato' 

Using the above described representational concepts allowed for color experimentation and a potential plethora of images, which now number 60.

The result in many cases is modern art intended to stand alone for its color and clarity - - but which based on closer inspection actually have a meaning or genesis.  Usually, the titles will add an understanding and disclose the meaning of each artwork.  Without these titles, the art might be viewed more narrowly as merely abstract art. 

An element of fun was intended as maybe understood when the title discloses a meaning.  These works were created for the reasons indicated not originally as a commercial project.  Intent now is to share these images with others who may enjoy them. 

As a suite, the larger of these works appear potentially appropiate for modern apartments, for lofts and for business/office display.

In order to promote their use in non-modern environments, a 10"x12" size was created so as not to monopolize an environment.  The two piece Lucite easel is the artist's invention, designed to complement the smaller works.