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Business Objectives / "Blocks"

This artwork addresses the major connected components of business: Planning, Organization, Management and Control (POMC). And, it suggests personal attributes necessary for success. Finally, it focuses on 'Weighted Analysis', so that blocks can be arranged from "10" to "100" - so that you can remove blocks to represent obstacles to a plan or project. That way, no strident objector can close down a worthwhile plan over minor objections.


Business Objectives / "Blocks"
Price: $315
Quantity: Ten Each Cubes
Size: 4" Red Lucite Cube
Print Surface: Lucite With White Screened Text on All Sides
Backing: Self-standing
Display: Desk, Table, Cradenza etc.
Use: Place Two Towers, Five Blocks On Each Tower. Each Time An Objection To A Project Is Raised, Remove One Block

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