The intent of the book CEO Thinking is to teach Supervisors and Managers to see the same big picture that Senior Executives and CEOs see as they plan their work and solve problems. It is intended as the ultimate self development tool for those who desire to advance in business.

This book presents 50 best practice business strategies categorized into the major categories of business activity i.e., Planning, Organization Management and Control. The Management Component is divided into strategies for Supervision and Problem Solving. Together, these strategies or "strategems" combine into a ‘Grid of Best Practices’ that address the majority of basic problems and opportunities encountered in business management on an everyday basis.

"Big Picture Thinking Card Set"

"Big Picture Thinking" - the Book

A primary objective of this book is to take each of the major business categories and within them to associate an easy to remember name such as ‘User input’ or ‘Operational Feasibility’ to the 10 best practices in a category.

Learning these best practice business principles and using them will help supervisors and managers to eventually be viewed as having Good Judgment, a hallmark for career advancement.

In the course of their work, for example, supervisors and managers encountering a problem may ascribe it to a category of Planning, Organization, Management (Supervision or Problem Solving), or Control. Then, within the stratagems included in subject category, very, very often they will be able to identify the problem and develop appropriate solutions. The ‘Grid of Best Practices’ was developed to recognize the basis for most management problems!

The author of CEO Thinking is Dennis Clark. Mr. Clark formerly served as president of 2 South Florida Banks for 15 years and as CEO of Goodwill Industries of Broward County, Florida for 13 years. Additionally, he served as president or chairman of 10 non-profit or civic organizations, during his career. He is a member of American Mensa.

In the above positions, he has seen voluminous business problems and noted that most were based on the same elements related to lack of recognition of potential consequences or predictable unintended consequences of everyday actions in the workplace. Senior Executives and CEOs generally recognize potential unintended and predictable consequences due to their education or prior mistakes over a long period of time.

"CEO Thinking" Book and related Grid and Desk Reference Cards with Easel
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Book: "Big Picture Thinking"
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Cards: 1ea Set 6 4" by 6" Reference Cards
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"Big Picture Thinking" - the Seminar

Better than the book alone, a company sponsored seminar adds to the education value and intended commitment of this training program. Participants, for example can provide their own experiences as further support for the strategies presented. And, being identified to participate adds additional value.

A company can accomplish this by selecting a confident seminar leader, from staff, and purchasing 10 of the above units. This Seminar Purchase then would additionally include Seminar Outlines and comprehensive Lesson Plans for each module. The resultant seminar would then be presented as a "Big Picture Thinking Seminar!"

Set 10ea "CEO Thinking" Book and related Grid and Desk Reference Cards with Easel
Price: $925
Quantity: 1ea Complete Set
Book: 10ea "Big Picture Thinking"
CD: 10ea
Cards: 10ea Set 6 4" by 6" Reference Cards
Easel: 10ea to support Reference Cards
Blocks: 10ea Set of 10 Blocks
Display: Desk, Table, Cradenza etc.


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