About The Art

The two series displayed on this site are a Modern Art series intended as decor for modern furnished homes, apartments and offices, and a Business Motivational series focused on providing 'top of mind awareness' as to the most important concepts for success in business. Those are works are intended for display in an executive's office.

The originals of these art works were 5" x 6" collages created and heavy card stock of various colors. Subsequently these renditions were redeveloped in lucite in both large and small sizes. The resulting art was different and was well received, locally. Current website offering of those same artworks are offered as Giclée prints on fine art paper, as the lucite format would be too expensive for Internet sales.


The artist began by wanting to design colorful, well-balanced art suitable to modern environments. As to subject matter, the modern art series is largely based on personal remembrances of 'seminal moments' in his or her friends lives, captured in a colorful abstraction that supports those moments. As example, "Anchorman" is a moment before the final leg of a championship 800 meter relay. The artwork "Murphy's last Dive" was created to honor a coworker who claimed to an have been a championship diver, though he was now over 300 pounds. Most of the modern artworks follow the same theme i.e., seminal moments captured in a colorful abstraction.

The business motivational series is focused on capturing principles associated with successful executives. The artist himself served as president of two Fort lauderdale banks and as CEO of Goodwill Industries, locally, during his business career. Most importantly, he was always a student of proven management principles. Consequently, he supported those business principles with art reminders for use in his own offices.